SistemKB™ : Cumulative Knowledgebase of miRNA profiles

SistemKB™ is Sistemic’s in-house knowledge-base. It is a highly curated database of the biological functions and interactions of human microRNAs. Sistemic’s scientists gather information from the literature and in-house experiments to build a detailed picture of the biology of each microRNA. When a microRNA is then identified in a new experiment, its context can quickly be derived from SistemKB™. Alongside the curated biological information, SistemKB™ also houses the gene expression profiles of all microRNAs in all experiment performed by Sistemic.

This allows Sistemic scientists to quickly compare the expression of a microRNA in the current experiment to those previously found, offering additional, valuable contextual information. All Sistemic’s projects leverage the power of SistemKB™. The SistemKB™ knowledge-base is tightly integrated with Sistemic’s in-house literature mining tool, SistemSeek™.

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