Our methodologies can also be applied to define, qualify and validating miRNA biomarkers from biofluids and surgical samples for prediction, diagnostic, prognostic, monitoring, toxicity and end-point.

MiRNA’s are stable in both fresh-frozen and fixed, archive tissue compared to mRNA species. MiRNA signatures can be obtained from samples with a poor Ribosome Integrity Number (RIN). This, combined with the undisputed biological importance of miRNA’s, make the detection an attractive alternative to mRNA in samples where there are poor or variable RINs across the available sample cohort.

MiRNA’s in biofluids provide a non-invasive way to monitor these biomarkers and their translation from R&D to clinical translation. Species conservation may also be an important part of the process with many miRNA’s being conserved across a wide range of species including those routinely used in the pre-clinical setting including, mice, rats, pigs and horses.

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