Mycoplasma Detections Service


Mycoplasma are a genus of prokaryotic microorganisms that are often found in research laboratories as contaminants in cell products. It’s presence in cell cultures can impact the accuracy and reliability of experiments and ruin cell products, leading to incorrect findings and wasted resources. That’s why our Mycoplasma detection service is a valuable resource for those in the life sciences industry.

Conventional methods to avoid contamination such as the use of filters and traditional antibiotics, are not typically effective in inhibiting Mycoplasma propagation in a cell culture once introduced and regular testing is recommended to assure that cells are free from contamination.  10-15% of laboratory cultures are contaminated with Mycoplasma.

Given the size of these organisms is typically less than 1 µm, they are difficult to detect with microscopy. Sistemic offers a Mycoplasma detections service using a highly sensitive PCR assay that detects a conserved region of the 16S rRNA molecule specific of Mycoplasma. Have peace of mind ensuring that your cell product for batch release is Mycoplasma free. Contact us for additional information.

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