Regnerative Medicine Company Profile

(Regenerative Medicine  Volume 8 Issue 5 (549-552) 2013) – A company profile featured in a recent issue of Regen. Med. (Request a printed copy)

How to be a Biotech Dragon

(European BioPharmaceutical Review, April 2012) – EBR talks to Jim Reid of Sistemic about his business philosophy, the current challenges facing small biotechs, and what makes a successful start-up. (Read more)

Sistemic is latest company to sign on for TiGenix’s stem cell therapy consortium

(ddN, by Amy Swinderman, March 2012) – A  landmark, multinational, collaborative stem-cell research project led by Belgium-based biotech TiGenix recently 

gained a new partner in Sistemic, a provider of miRNAbased products to the drug development, cell therapy and bioprocessing markets. (Read more)

MicroRNA: A primer for the cell biologist 

(Laboratory News, November 2011) – Active in the control of cell functionality at a genetic level, through the regulation of messenger RNA transcription, miRNA is now recognised to be a powerful medium for understanding how cell control pathways function and interact. (Read more)

SSCN Company in Focus: Sistemic Ltd

(November 2011) – Sistemic Ltd. has developed a unique analytical tool to enhance miRNA profiling, turning it into a more versatile problem solving technology, which we have focused on addressing areas of unmet need within the biotechnology/pharmaceutical markets & the Cell Therapeutics communities. (Read more)

Cell Therapy Industry: The new direction of biotech

Clever cell culture for the innovation of biologics (October 2011) by Verna McErlane, Director of Commercial Operations

Therapeutic unmet need and an ageing population had produced a compelling argument and drive for innovative treatments that can ease this increasing global burden. (Read more)

ddn Editorial Roundtable: Ethics and stem cell research

(August 2011 by Amy Swinderman)  – Researchers discuss the ethical, moral and scientific concerns associated with stem cell research. Since the first derivation of embryonic stem cells (ESCs) in mice in 1981 and subsequent discoveries involving human ESCs (hESCs), this form of stem cell research has been the subject of much ethical, moral and social controversy. (Read more)

European Biopharmaceutical Review

(July 2011) Finding the Right Place by Verna McErlane – The growth of the cell therapeutics industry brought with it an expectation of a paradigm shift in the way that today’s untreatable or poorly treated diseases are dealt with, and this promise is now beginning to bear fruit. The cell therapy industry (CTI) is coming of age with its most exciting commercial year yet and it has been predicted that the 2011 turnover will break the $1 billion mark. (Read more)

Nature Product Focus : Harnessing the potential 

(May 2011) –  As a result of their incredible potential to develop into many different cell types in the body or replenish existing cells, stem cells offer great potential for cell-based regenerative and reparative medicines. In this product focus, we highlight several new tools, technologies, applications and services that are currently facilitating developments and advancements in the rapidly expanding field of stem cell research and cellular products. (Read more)

Frost & Sullivan: MiRNA-Based Drug Toxicity Screening for the First Time

(2010) – Drug toxicity is one of the major challenges during the drug development process, with 90% failing during development, and also contributes to significant failure rates of clinical 

trials. Frequent drug failures tend to shoot up drug development costs and also the selling price of the drug once it reaches the market.Added to this, different patients respond differently to drugs, and those patients suffering adverse side-effects of these drugs may end up as dropouts of the trial process. (Read more)

Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News 

(2010) Extending the Range of miRNA Technology By Carol Potera

Sistemic Finds Its Own Niche by Working with the Technique as a Cellular Master Switch Most biotechnology startups are built around a technology platform invented in a university laboratory or as a spinoff of another company. Chris Hillier, Ph.D., however, founded Sistemic in 2008 to fill an unmet market need and he created the miRNA technology that drives the company. (Read more)

Life Science Leader

Getting The Drug Repositioning Genie Out Of The Bottle by Suzanne Elvidge

Drug development is a long, complex, costly, and high-risk business. According to the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, drug development from discovery to U.S. approval takes about 15 years on average and costs over $1 billion, and only 3 in 10 drugs on average make enough revenue to sustain R&D. (Read more)

Nexxus News Autumn 2011 Edition

Sistemic gets mentioned in Nexxus News

Several Scottish companies attended this year’s BIO International Convention in Washington in June and found it to be a very positive experience. Verna McErlane, Director of Commercial Operations,Sistemic said, ‘We (Jim Reid, CEO and I)did a lot of work before we got to BIO to ensure that we had a full partnering schedule. (Read more)

Mass High Tech Directory

New England Life Sciences Directory 2011

Sistemic listed in New England Life Sciences Directory 2011. Mass High Tech is a source to which people turn in order to reach those at the center of the New England innovation economy. For more than 2 decades, Mass High Tech has led the way in defining New England technology by tracking industries such as software, biotechnology, telecommunications, robotics, clean tech and medical devices. (Read more)

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