Sistemic look to deliver a portfolio of products which offers as output:

  1. A general research tool to give a more detailed understanding of cellular characteristics and a platform for biomarker discovery 
  2. A point-of-use, deployable set of nucleic acids which can offer solutions to a range of challenges in the manufacturing process of cellular therapies, from the selection of donor sets for manufacturing, product characterisation and including potency assay readouts for comparability and release testing. 

Sistemic’s miRNA-based products provide broadly-applicable, low-cost biomarkers suitable for use in autologous and allogeneic therapies. Sistemic technologies offer the following key benefits :

  • Early “Go/No-Go” decision
  • Content and context from a single in vitro assay
  • Provides enhanced lead selection to reduce follow on in vivo testing
  • Significantly reduces resources within the lead selection and optimisation process
  • Avoids compound scale up issues
  • Provides companion biomarkers to guide pre-clinical/clinical studies
  • Seamlessly integrates into current workflow

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