Our Methodology

Sistemic Process

Sistemic works very closely with client companies to provide solutions that will work for them. We consider ourselves as a value-building partner and use ‘best-in-class’ technology at each step of the process to ensure that we deliver results of the highest quality. To meet the varying needs of our customers we have put in place a flexible yet rigorous process:

Study and Experimental Design

At Sistemic we believe it is important to spend time with the client to design the best assay for their needs. By understanding the client’s needs, in detail, we believe that we can more accurately design the experimental phase to give the highest chance of success in line with the client’s needs.

Total RNA Preparation

RNA suitable for miRNA analysis can be isolated from a variety of source materials: all cell types (human, animal), frozen tissue, paraffin-embedded tissue and body-fluids including blood. Sistemic can prepare total RNA in-house, or inform on the best methods of preparation using their rigorous in-house standing operating procedures (SOPs).


RNA samples are processed using NanoDrop and Agilent Bioanalyser 2100 to quantify and ensure integrity before proceeding to the profiling stage. In the event that sample RNA is not of suitable quality, the client will be notified of appropriate next steps to be taken, such as how to improve RNA quality in their samples.

miRNA Profiling

Our core miRNA profiling technology utilises ddPCR to measure as few at 10 iPSCs in One Million cells of sample using our proprietary algorithm. This methodology was developed in conjunction with the UK National Measurement Laboratory.

Statistical Analysis

A multi-dimensional approach is used to analyse the miRNA profile data. We apply a number of statistical analyses and visualisation techniques on the data to identify the key set of miRNA’s significantly affecting the system.

Contextual Analysis

With access to gene ontology databases, we can provide contextual analysis on the miRNAs identified by SistemRNA™, to help inform on the biological context of the data. Sistemic’s products serve two key markets: Cells, Cell Therapy and Stem Cells and Drug Discovery and Development. We welcome you to explore these pages to find out how Sistemic’s products can help solve your most pressing problems or indeed call us to see how we can help you.

Cell Therapy and Stem Cells

Sistemic has developed a pioneering product range that aims to provide the standard in cell characterisation and Quality Control (QC). Applications include monitoring of cells and stem cells for identity, potency, purity, characterisation, markers for differentiation staging, benchmarking cell model, and QC of batch-to-batch consistency.

Improving Cell and Tissue Analysis for Stratified Medicine

miRNA’s provide more genomic coverage, than comparable-sized mRNA signatures. Unlike the majority of mRNA’s, miRNA’s are stable in archive material and are present in body fluids where their expression levels have been shown to be reflective of physiological and pathological conditions Overall, miRNA signatures provide considerable scope to develop biomarkers for applications as stratification, predictive and prognostic biomarkers

Drug Discovery and Development

Sistemic’s leading-edge product range is helping companies globally to minimise costs and accelerate their drug discovery & development programmes. Applications include mechanism of action, lead selection, predictive and investigative toxicology, lead identification and positioning/repurposing of compounds.

SistemRNA™ offers the possibility of an in vitro drug repositioning assay. MicroRNA signatures can be developed which are reflective of the pharmacological class or subclass of the compound of interest by comparing the test compounds miRNA signature with the catalogue of compound fingerprints in Sistemic’s knowledgebase.

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