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At Sistemic we believe that to know your biology is to understand your biology. Using the phenotypic interpretation possible through microRNA analysis we provide a broad range of leading-edge products for the Bioprocessing, Cell and Stem Cell Therapy, Gene Therapy and Drug Discovery and Development markets.

From robust quality control for cells and stem cells, to toxicity and drug response monitoring for drug discovery and development programmes. These products are helping companies globally to reduce the risk during development and deliver safe and efficacious therapies to the market. We work closely with client companies to provide solutions that will work for them. We consider ourselves as a value-building partner and use ‘best-in-class’ technology at each step of Sistemic process to ensure that we deliver results of the highest quality. 

Our depth of experience has led the development of an array of standardised products which can help leverage insights into cell biology even when presented with challenging samples.

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