Sistemic Launches New Range of Drug Discovery Research SistemRNA

Release Date: May 10, 2010
Novel microRNA-based “compound positioning/characterization” platform expands into Oncology and Inflammation
Sistemic today announced immediate availability new SistemRNATM product lines in key therapeutic areas including oncology and inflammation. These new product additions will strengthen strategic decision making at critical stages of the drug discovery and development process, helping to realise the full value of client’s compound assets. This announcement comes following their recent news of expansion into the US market with headquarters located in Boston.
Instead of the traditional target-orientated approach, SistemRNATM Technology uses a compound-centric approach. This involves identifying drug effects by associative changes in microRNA expression profiles and their analysis in context against a growing proprietary database of known drug responses. Client compounds can then be characterized on the basis of indication, mechanism of action and adverse effects. “The validity of our use of microRNA profiling as a sentinel marker of phenotypic effects in model systems is overwhelming, and we are seeing time and time again very strong correlations between microRNA changes and drug effects” stated Dr Vincent O'Brien, CSO.
The new oncology and inflammation products will be of value to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that are seeking to position new compounds or reposition existing compounds in these therapeutic areas.  Launched in response to customer demand, the oncology platform knowledgebase contains eight major drug classes, including HDACi, with five or more representatives from each class. Prof. Chris Hillier, CEO of Sistemic commented “The strength of Sistemic’s approach is that we provide an extremely reliable way to make key decisions on safety and efficacy based on very strong biological information about the properties of your compound without reference to the expected target. This lack of bias produces valuable evidence to support drug development and has the power to create some very exciting opportunities.”
About SistemRNATM - SistemRNATM is based on the biological response at the level of microRNA expression to exposure to compounds. There are only several hundred microRNAs expressed in a cell whose expression pattern reflects exposure to a bioactive compound. The microRNA response is reproducible, characteristic of compound type and is a robust marker defining the biological interaction between compound and cell. The benefit is that with microRNA profiling, monitoring pathway control of the entire biological system of the cell can be analyzed in one assay. Data is kept to a minimum where as knowledge is greatly enhanced allowing more appropriate decisions to be taken on compound development. The key is that SistemRNATM analysis captures the dynamic response of all the cellular pathways as well as their interactions giving enhanced clarity without data overload.
About Sistemic Ltd – Sistemic’s primary business is the accurate positioning of chemical compounds within therapeutic areas; efficacy models; and toxicology effects using microRNA profiling. Sistemic partner with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to enhance the value of their therapeutic assets from discovery through to repositioning aiding the decision making process at critical points throughout the development process. They aim to be the dedicated partner of choice for compound portfolio management.