NHS Scotland and Sistemic Collaborate to develop novel early diagnostics for Diabetic sight loss

Release Date: October 25, 2013
Sistemic Limited, the Glasgow and Boston-based leader in the field of micro RNA (miRNA) analysis, today announced an agreement with NHS Scotland, supported by Health  Sciences Scotland to work together to in the area of Stratified Medicine to develop novel diagnostic biomarkers for the early detection of diabetic retinopathy and infective keratitis patients.
“The rise of diabetes is well documented but what is less well appreciated is that retinopathy is the largest cause of blindness in working age people and has a massive impact onHSS infographic quality of life as well as a huge cost burden on the NHS” commented Sistemic’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Vincent O’Brien. “The potential to combine the Sistemic technology for understanding changes in miRNA and then using these to guide understanding of what is happening inside the eye is a very exciting prospect and we are delighted to be working with a world-leading team at the NHS Centre for Ophthalmic Research in Glasgow”
Dr Stuart Parks, Director of the NHS Centre added ‘This work with Sistemic presents an exciting opportunity for the NHS to capitalise on the international expertise available in this Scottish company. The collaboration with Sistemic is one of a number of new initiatives where Greater Glasgow & Clyde Health Board are working closely with Scottish Companies and Health Science Scotland to deliver effective, efficient, targeted solutions that will improve the quality of our healthcare.”
Graeme Boyle of Health Science Scotland also said ‘HSS is delighted to support such an important collaboration in the rapidly developing area of stratified medicine. It shows that industry, academia and the NHS can work together to deliver both health and wealth gains’

About Sistemic Ltd

Sistemic’s primary business is focused on providing innovative microRNA-based problem-solving services and kit-based products to areas of unmet need within Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and the Cell Therapy research, development and manufacture markets. MicroRNAs are seen as the master controllers of a cell and as such Sistemic believe that they are providing instructive information on effects on a whole cell or organism rather than an isolated pathway. This system approach means that the data produced is more indicative of the biology and more diagnostic of actual effect. Their extensive suite of tools for the Cell Therapy community includes SistemQC™ which is used to characterise cells including stem cells (Cell Identity, Purity, Potency, and Safety) as well as monitoring the QC of production. In addition, the drug development markets are served through a range of products which include SistemTOX™, SistemKB™ and SistemRNA™. Sistemic has a worldwide customer base and a strong intellectual property portfolio.

About Health Science Scotland

Health Science Scotland (HSS) is Scotland’s academic health science collaboration and aims to promote excellence in the field of clinical and translational medicine. HSS is a partnership of Scotland’s four main medical Universities: University of Aberdeen, University of Dundee, University of Edinburgh and University of Glasgow, their associated NHS Scotland Health Boards: Grampian, Tayside, Lothian and Greater Glasgow and Clyde and the Scottish Government’s Health Directorate Chief Scientists Office (CSO) . It is also supported by Scottish Enterprise and the European Regional Development Fund.